Top Five: Tropical Films

With summer upon us I thought I would start off our Top Five section with my favourite tropical themed films, escapism for when we can’t get from our sofas to the sun.

Our Top Five blogs will include anything and everything, it’s pretty much anything we are really into in that moment.

Couples Retreat

Filmed on the tropical island of Bora Bora, the storyline follows four couples trying to work on their relationships with some issues they didn’t even know they had! The comedy mixed with tropical sunshine and original soundtracks is what makes me want to escape to this island in paradise!

Fools Gold

Treasure hunting in the Bahamas, clear waters and blue skies. With a luxurious yacht thrown in! The film follows a newly divorced couple following the passions and drive that brought them together in the first place.

Six Days Seven Nights

A city girl on a holiday is left stranded on a uninhabited island with a laidback pilot after their small prop plane is brought down in a storm. It’s a nice cheesy opposites attract romantic comedy in a beautiful setting, as they discover all the dangers found in paradise.

The Beach

After backpacking to Thailand, being told a story about a hidden beach paradise and given a map, he sets off to find it with two travelers he convinces to join him. It starts off as the perfect paradise, but the story soon takes a turn in the wrong direction.

Cast Away

An ordinary guy ends up surviving a plane crash into the Pacific Ocean, only to be washed up on a uninhabited tropical island. Where he must learn to adapt to survive. Knowing they are looking for him, but in the wrong place so he must save himself.

Surely I’m not the only one who has wanted to escape to a tropical island and live off the land away from civilisation.

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