Top Five: Favourite Phone Cases

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post on Nerd Fidelity.

Whatever tv show or video game and even bands or singers I get into, I always have to buy a phone case to show off. I have a vast collection of them and I always find the best designs are on RedBubble, especially for nerdy and cute ones. And for the fact they were personally designed from someone who is also into the same thing as me. These five cases from the header phone are all iPhone 6s cases. I have upgraded to an 8 now but they all still fit perfectly. Lets start with my 5th favourite one, and a small description as to why its in the list and a little bit about what show or game they’re from. Also links and name of the seller from RedBubble.

5. Avatar: The Last Airbender 


Credit: designer on RedBubble – Vonnabeee – view on RedBubble

At number five is a simple but wonderfully done design. I love the watercolour effect and how they have blended the characters together showing off their bending skills and personalities. I loved Avatar, it was such as awesome show to just binge episode after episode, as the world that was created made so much sense your mind would just wonder off into it. My favourite character was Toff. She was such a strong female, with sarcastic humour and such a story to tell as well. 

4. The X-Files


Credit: designer on RedBubble – Exide – view on RedBubble

The moment I am writing this blog post, this is the current phone case I am using. I love the starry sky that was used.  The silhouette of Mulder and Scully showing off their iconic 90s FBI overcoats and the way their walking into the light and the way the UFO’s display the X. I’ve recently this year have gotten in to X Files. Me and Harry have been watching it together and we are obsessed with how the show has gone on over the seasons. 

3. Castiel


Credit: designer on RedBubble – HunterandAngel – view on RedBubble

For people who know me in person will be kinda surprised that this one isn’t number one. I’m am a Castiel mega fan, he is my all time favourite TV character and Supernatural is my favourite show. Our house has Supernatural merch in every corner. And I do love this case, I just love the way Cas is protrayed with his “Deean” angel face. It was a struggle to find a case with just Castiel being himself and I like to find ones with a realistic look too. This one was just perfect. 

2. Solas, Dragon Age 


Credit: designer on RedBubble – nipuni – view on RedBubble

Dragon Age is my one of my favourite video games… ever! The games I’m into are open world fantasy, elves, mages, stunning locations, customisble weapons and armour ones. Which Dragon Age all has. The hours of game play and in depth story got me hooked. And my favourite character? Was Solas andif you haven’t played the game I am kinda going to say a spoiler, when I found out who he was and how the game ended it made me love him even more, considering his betrayal. There were so many incredible designs to pick from when searching for Solas on RedBubble, but this one shows his spiritual and quite cold character with they way he his posed.

1. Animal Crossing


Unable to find designer and design on RedBubble.

I remember when I got Wild World for Christmas when I was about 11 years old, it was one of those games where I tried it for about 30 minutes and then was confused of how it worked and put it away. I think it was about 2 years until I tried it out again and gave it a chance, now its one of my all time favourites. Possibly number one but that battles between Spyro. It has a special place in my heart, all the villagers do as well and the towns I have created on all the games. Yes I do have a favourite villager, that is Stitches. I love how the phone case has a cute mint green background which makes the main characters stand out. It’s one of the first ones I brought.

Thanks for reading! 

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